What is Artvatars?

I have received this question a lot over the past few days, so I’d like to briefly summarize what this project is all about.

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At Artvatars, I’ve brought together over 60 of the best crypto artists in the world. All of the artists have each provided one or two pieces of digital art for this project. We are now taking these artworks and cutting each one into different individual pieces. When purchased, new artworks are randomly generated with these individual parts using AI technology. In effect, the new artwork consists parts from multiple artists. Each generated artwork is a portrait, for instance the forehead can be from artist A, the mouth from artist B, the ears from artist C and so on. In total, there are 7 parts that are mandatory, plus up to 5 more parts that may be added by the AI machine. All generated artworks are unique and each exists only once. The artworks are stored as an NFT on the blockchain and IPFS and can then be traded on digital marketplaces like Opensea.io.

Not only is each Artvatar NFT being stored on the blockchain, but also, the information from each individual part of the artwork and the artist who created it is stored. In addition, there is a score for each individual NFT, which is calculated based on certain criteria, and, depending on the score, there is also a rarity level along with a few more things that I will not reveal yet.

Although there are millions of possible combinations due to the large number of artworks supplied, we limit this edition to only 20,000. Once the last generated artwork is sold, no more will be generated. To my knowledge, this project is the largest collaboration ever made in the field of NFTs and CryptoArt. Participating artists include: Hackatao, Alotta Money, Javier Arres, Bryan Brinkman, toomuchlag, Carlos Marcial, Eloh, Giant Swan, Glass Crane, Jon Noorlander, Totemical and many more.

To my knowledge, no one has generated an artwork from unique artworks by different artists using AI and stored it in the blockchain, Artvatars is the first project of its kind. By having absolutely high-quality artworks from the world’s best artists available here, we are convinced that we will generate absolute premium NFTs that will bring joy to our buyers and investors in the short and long term. With the participation of the best artists in the world, we ensure that we are generating something special here that is made to last forever.

Another first for this project is that we are launching on Ethereum Layer 2 (Polygon/Matic). The purchase of the artwork is done via Metamask and there are no transaction costs for the purchase. The transactions are similar to the ones you perform on Rarible or Opensea, with the great difference being that you don’t have to pay any gas for the purchase. You solely need your Metamask wallet, as usual. The process on the website is as follows:

Step 1: You click on a button and deposit Ethereum
Step 2: You grant allowance for your Ethereum
Step 3: You sign to buy the NFT

The process is designed to be quite simple. It is important to know that for each wallet, step 2 only has to be done once. Then, as usual, you always have to sign for a purchase. There are no gas costs for buying NFTs through this method! Another advantage is that the transaction is confirmed by the blockchain in 1–2 seconds.

And by the way, here’s a list of all the artists involved in the project:

- 25m42
- Ahmed Partey
- Alotta Money
- Animatttic
- Bryan Brinkman
- Carlos Marcial
- Chris Campbell
- Cody Seekins
- CosmoZach
- David Loblaw
- Debbie H Digital
- DR01D Visuals
- Elephai
- Eloh
- Fabin Rasheed
- Federico Paoli
- ferjart
- Fraemwerk
- francescomai
- George Boya
- Gert-Jan Akerboom
- Giant Swan
- Glass Crane
- Glen Johnson
- Greg Fiut
- Hackatao
- HeyHazmus
- izzy
- Javier Arres
- Jawdane3D
- Jon Noorlander
- Kitty Bast
- lushsux
- macomoroni
- manards
- MarE
- Mark Constantine Inducil
- Marterium
- Max Retoka
- Micheal B Sapp
- Midlet
- Monfa
- Natural Warp
- Okytomo
- Plouzzaa
- Ruffensteint
- Shortcut
- Silvio Vieira
- Stellabelle
- sylo
- Tom Badley
- Tomato
- toomuchlag
- Totemical
- Trent Kuhn
- trippyogi
- Undeadlu
- Uwe Heine Debrodt
- Valerio Volpi
- Versaphile
- yusaymon

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